Single Review: “UNSGND 333STYLE” – Lucius∴


If you’re a regular reader of RIDE then you’ll have heard of Lucius. We’ve been covering him since his debut single and it’s fair to say we’re pretty high on this Luton wordsmith.

That’s why we were buzzing when he dropped this latest freestyle track UNSGND 333STYLE. On this one Lucius takes to the mic and fully shows us what he’s all about. He flexed his ability for all to see in this characteristically chilled cut.

Lucius flows with a smooth finesse over a wavy, psychedelic sounding beat. It sounds like it could be one of those lo-fi hip-hop beats to relax and chill to songs, but Lucius injected it with a burst of energy without ever trying too hard. He really makes it look easy and doesn’t try to force any one of his bars. You can feel his confidence and it comes across through the music in this one.

There’s no bulls**t or cockiness with Lucius, he keeps it 100% real on this freestyle. He tells you that he’s not where he wants to be yet, but he knows one day if he keeps grinding he’ll make it. It’s a refreshing change to listen to something humble instead of the mega braggadocio that we get used to as rap fans.

With UNSGND 333STYLE Lucius is continuing to build up his catalogue and let us know that he’s someone that deserves to be noticed. This guy deserves a break soon and if he keeps putting music out like this he’ll 100% get it. Keep your eye on him.