Single Reviews: “Stay Swangin”’ and “‘U Down?” – Muzuri

You might remember back in November 2021 we covered the debut single from promising East London spitter Muzuri. Now he’s back again with 2 more huge singles and looking to stamp his name on the UK scene for good.

Blessing us with two back to back drops, “Stay Swangin'” and “U Down?” give us a deeper insight into what Muzuri is all about and what inspires him to step into the booth.

“U Down?” sees Muzuri open up with his most introspective track to date. The laidback vibes really let you focus on what Muzuri is describing; his musical journey, his struggles and his hopes for the future.

“Stay Swangin'” hits with an understated confidence. Muzuri uses this incredibly catchy track to weave in more reflection on his journey through life so far, speaking on the challenge of moving from France to London and the deep connection he still feels with his roots.

Both of these tracks serve to show just how dynamic Muzuri is as an artist. A lot of UK rappers stick to one formula, but Muzuri seems to have a lab full of them.

“U Down?” and “Stay Swangin'” are two refreshingly unique tracks from an artist who has the potential to be one of the UK scene’s most exciting new voices. Don’t sleep on Muzuri!